We’re the Prochaska family, founders of Summit Mining & Equipment Inc.

Thank you to everyone who has taken our survey and been commenting on the forums. There has been some good discussions happening and we’re getting some great feedback.

Our product launch is slated for the GPAA Gold Show February 2009 in Boise, ID. We hope to meet you there, we will have trommels to demo and of course purchase!

Send us an email if you would like to be notified when our official website launches where you will be able to view demo videos, learn more about our trommels and order one for yourself.

Oh yeah, and our survey is still live so if you have not responded you still can! Please click here to access our survey and give us your thoughts about small scale prospecting trommels.


Who’s who? Daniel, the oldest son, is on the far left with his girlfriend Angela. Not pictured are his daughters, the most adorable 7 and 9 year old girls, Emma and Katie. Darrell, the youngest son, is in the center with his wife Cherie and their one-year-old twin boys, Dane and Devin. Rae Jean and Danny are the proud parents standing in the back. This picture was taken at their home in Boise last fourth of July.